Movie Role Preparation

We have experience working with Hollywood actors to prepare them for movie roles, TV series, West end theatre productions, and award shows. Our specialist training for actors can transform your body specific to the role you need to prepare for and help you embody your character. We are able to work with you on-set, and travel with you if necessary.

Music Tour Conditioning

We have trained clientele for music tours and performances across the globe. This includes preparing music artists for tours in America, UK, The royal variety performance, and more. Being prepared physically to go on tour can dramatically improve your stage performance. Our meticulous methods have a consistent positive effect on your body. Our team are also available to travel with you.

Fashion Model Fitness

Our tailored fashion model training methods will help you achieve a lean sculpted body. We can tone and strengthen your body without bulking. We focus on improving your core and posture to enhance your career. The sessions can be conducted at a private gym, a private Yacht, or in one of London’s parks which have a multitude and splendour of benefits. If you need a member of our team to work with you abroad we can provide this service.

Strength and Conditioning

We have experience in training a wide spectrum of athletes from amateurs to professionals. This includes helping athletes develop their power, strength, agility, speed, balance, flexibility and movement skills. We can help you improve your athleticism. We can train you for a competition, pre-season training or train you during the season for your specific sport.

Sports Nutrition

Kurtis Lynch has an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition. His research was focused on body transformations. The knowledge and experience that he gained from working in a laboratory has given us a cutting edge in achieving client results. We are able to create a bespoke nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals.

Sports Rehab Therapy

We can assess, treat, and rehabilitate a wide range of injuries and help you achieve peak performance and fitness. These include knee injuries, hamstring strains, Tennis elbow, low back pain, ankle sprains, rotator cuff injuries, and more. Sports rehabilitation therapy can help reduce and prevent pain using exercise, movement, and manual based therapeutic interventions.

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